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TechLoch Theme- Ice

Here comes Go Locker TechLock Theme.

You can purchase it here.

Remember to install Go Locker for free before you download and install the theme.

Have fun e give us feedback and impressions!

A whole hi-tech pad, engineered to give all the most important infos concerning your smart phone at a glance and without the need of unlocking it.
Energy and power are managed to give you visual feed-back of the most important parameters such as battery charge, unread sms and missed calls.
Eneregy is focused in glowing areas and orbs to let your eyes immediatly realize where your attention is needed.
Enjoy this go locker theme!

See some scrennshots!

Halloween 2014 Live Wallpaper is out!


After two year of silence here we are again!
And We’re proud to announce the release of our first live wallpaper to celebrate the approaching Halloween night!
It’s our first experiment concerning live wallpapers and we’re quite proud of the result conceived.
It’s based on the great libgdx technology library and it’s the very first standalone app we’re publishing on the google play store.
We hope that you’ll find it funny, scary and not too much ugly (even if “ugliness” could be a positive feature concerning the recurrence ;) )
It’s our first experiment so it will be released entirely for free without any ads or whatever.
Please report any comment you may have about it!
Here’s a brief introduction to the wallpaper.


It’s a strange night, the dusk seems to have innatural colors… and someone forgot a pumpkin close to a spooky tree.
The atmosphere is mysterious and the wind, while blowing on the grass, seems to carry a strange magic with him.
Tens of bats are leaving the tree, flying away maybe scared by the flame of the torch…
Are really those fireflies that light-up the night? Or maybe they’re small pixies?
The tree and the pumpkin seem to come alive!!!

Celebrate the spooky recurrence with this awesome live wallpaper.
Skillfully animated, it will help you to get in to the mood of the fisrt autumn party!

The Wallpaper is totally free and without any ads.
No setup needed, just enable it from your settings.
It’s designed to achieve best results in portrait mode.
Once selected, wait for a bunch of seconds to let all the animation reach their complete initialisation.

And remember: even if sometimes it could appear quite fullfilling as a first solution, giving a bad feedback is often less useful than contacting the support to find a satisfing solution to your issues!

GoLocker CLock Theme MetalGrey

It’s all about Time…
and this time it’s about style.
Distinguish yourself with this beautiful locker, expressly designed for Go Locker app.
An analog watch, coming in a metal maroon/grey skin, the first of a series of analog clocks apps to provide all the necessary infos you need at a glance, while satisfying your eyes with captivating design.
Simple, stylish and essential, it provides full feedback about battery charge, unread sms and lost calls.
And, of course, about date and time (with seconds precision).

We use to say “Time is money”, but this time it’s really about few money! Thanks for supporting us!!!
Get it now while you can at this very special price!

This is NOT a stand-alone app!!!
To use this theme you need to have installed the Go Locker and Go Launcher apps (both for free) on your device!!!

The theme has been fully tested on 480*800 resolution screens with “high” pixel density (240 dpi – like samsung galaxy s2 and similar) devices. Although the theme will work on different resolution and density devices, his graphic quality could not be optimal. If you’re not sure about your device capabilities download one of our free theme and check for graphic differences between your smartphone and the app screenshots!

To enable the CLock Theme follow these steps:
- Download and install Go Launcher and Go Locker from the Market,
- Do the same with CLock Theme
- Start Go Locker
- Sweep the screen from right to left to see the themes installed on your device
- Tap the CLock Theme Icon
- Tap the apply button
- Enjoy your new theme!!!

- Analog clock smoothly animated
- time infos up to seconds
- date support
- unread-sms and lost calls support
- battery charge status infos (both visual and textual)
- low, full and under-charge battery feedback
- alarm feedback
- customizable background

Celtic Theme

Inspired by the symbols of the ancient,mythical Celtic culture,here comes the Celtic Lock Theme for the Go Locker App!
A magical glow of the green leaf  circle will warn you when the battery goes low,as well as when you’ll put your phone under charge the inner flower will pulse with a mystical halo.
Small runes will pop-up when you’ll  receive SMS or will lost some call, providing you to see them at glance!!!
Drag one of the three green runes towards the center of the circle to activated the corresponding action!!!

Enjoy it for free and please provide us with your comments and suggestions!!!

To use this theme you need to have installed the Go Locker and Go Launcher apps (both for free) on your device!!!

Main features:
- three distinct lock-handles to interact with
- lost calls and unread sms visual feedback
- Battery Low and Charging animations
- Time, Ring and Date support
- Customizable background

To enable the Celtic Theme follow these steps:
- Download and install Go Launcher and Go Locker from the Market,
- Do the same with Celtic Theme
- Start Go Locker
- Sweep the screen from right to left to see the themes installed on your device
- Tap the Celtic Theme Icon
- Tap the apply button lower right
- Enjoy Celtic theme for free!!!


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