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Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper 2014 is out!!!


Here’s comes the last effort in wallpapers category to celebrate the upcoming Christmas!!!
An immersive, relaxing and colorfull wallpaper for all your android devices!
And this time, also with a little interaction and sound!

Again thanks to libgdx library that helped us in coding the wallpaper.

This time we’ve implemented a brand new (for us of course! ;)) approach in presenting the wallpaper:

first it’s a “real” app, appearing as an icon in the app set, after the launch you’ll be presented the following screen:


By tapping the Christmas button in the main screen you’ll be directed to the wallpaper setting screen.


Here you can choose to set the wallpaper, but first, if you want, you can change some parameters to best fit your needs by tapping the settings button.


At the moment there are few of them, but we’re planning to add some more in the next updates.

Please report any comment you may have about it!
Here’s a brief introduction to the wallpaper.


Snowflakes are softly falling from the sky.
Sparkles drop from a shining star towards the ground following strange paths.
But wait… they’re shaping a kind of tree, full of lights and brights!
And what happens while touching the lights? I hear a jingle bell!!!
It’s Christmas!

Immerse yourself in Christmas 2014 atmosphere by using this colorfull and funny live wallpaper!

Installation has never been so easy: just download and open the app, tap on the Christmas Button and you’ll be directly sent to the wallpaper set screen.
There are also some settings to tweak to better fit your personal needs like enable/disable touch-jingle sound or and choose screen framerate (20 is the recommended value!).

And remember: even if sometimes it could appear quite fullfilling as a first solution, giving a bad feedback is often less useful than contacting the support to find a satisfing solution to your issues!


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